Weekly spelling lists will be posted below throughout the year. These words will come home in a purple Home Spelling exercise book. Spelling tests will be every Wednesday, giving students 7 days to practise the words. We will practise them most days at school but they must be practised at home. Words will usually follow a theme for the week helping your child remember them.

The best way to practise the words is to do them often. Repetition allows the patterns to transfer from short-term to long-term memory and provides a mental picture for many students (how many times do still write a word down to 'see' if it 'looks right'). Have your child recite them to you while you are cooking or washing the dishes. If time allows, put them into a game (like Hangman), write sentences, make crosswords. The words can be inserted into the following internet activities:
Look Cover Write Check http://www.ictgames.com/lcwc.html

Click on this link to go to lists on Spelling City. I have already put our weekly words on it and so you won't have to type them in yourself.

Remember, the more you practise, they better your child's chances of success. Tests are on Wednesday.

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