I will be using our grade's Delicious site over the year to put online activities that I want you to do at school. You can also do them at home if you like.

Count the beetles game.

Play the game After School to learn about reading clocks.

Play Colour Patterns to practise finding patterns.

Play this Digilearn activity called Finding One Line of Symmetry in a city. It will only work at school.
Try Two Lines in a city. Two lines in a garden. Three lines in a city. Three lines in a garden.

That's Entertainment is our new topic for Term 3. Check out some sites below.

Don't Buy It is a site about advertising tricks.
Go here to make your footy card.
Four circus maths games to play.
Jokes by kids website. You can submit (give) your own joke to this site.
Comic Creator - make your own comics and print.
Listen to different musical instruments .

Day and Night

Light and Shadows. Look at how a tree makes a shadow during a sunny day. Notice that objects always casts shadows that face away from the Sun. Examine how the shape and position of a shadow is related to the time of day and position of the Sun. Explore the shadows cast by different objects such as a bike, an umbrella and a child. Position the Sun to cast shadows at different angles and sizes. Complete pictures by positioning an object, a shadow or the Sun. This learning object is a combination of two learning objects in the same series.

Sky Watch. Turn an animated model of the Earth to explore how rotation affects the view of objects in the sky. Use a camera on the Earth's surface to compare views of sunrise, sunset, the movement of the Moon and position of the stars. Compare views from space with views from the Earth. Answer a series of questions by experimenting with the model. For example, work out the time of day from given views. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.

Day Sky, Night Sky. Identify objects in the sky such as clouds, planets and stars. Look closely at movements in the sky during the day and at night. Explore facts about celestial objects such as meteors and Moon phases. Build your own sky scene. Click on heading or go tohttp://www.eduweb.vic.gov.au/dlrcontent/4c3230/index.html

Change Maker . Click on the Australian flag to use our money. You need to click the coins to give the correct change.

Play Stop the Clock
Play Hickory Dickory Clock
Play Clock Works

Here is a set of links to some of the online activities we are doing in the classroom.