February 2009

Welcome to Grade 2T

I’m excited to be teaching your child and have come refreshed after my holidays eager to get started. Hopefully your child feels the same way.

As you can see from this Wiki, I am eager to adopt new technologies and see if they can be used for Grade 2 level.

As you know Black Hill has invested a lot of resources into ICT resources. We recognise that the e-world is changing at a phenomenal rate (there were no computers at my school until I was in Year 11). Children today are growing up into a substantially different world that what I have and need to have the skills and attitude to make the most of this. Watch this excellent video which, I think, sums it up succinctly - Did You Know?

This Wiki is an example of a Web 2.0 technology. That means it’s an interactive and collaborative way of using the internet. Users can easily post their own content as well as read the content of others. Other examples of Web 2.0 are blogs (short for web log), video sharing (eg You Tube), social networking (eg Facebook) and social bookmarking (eg Delicious). Think of this wiki as being an easy-to-use web site.

I hope to trial Wikis with the grade this year, and being interactive, your child (and even you) can participate. This raises the prospect, however, that content generated by your child will be available for other to see and read. My intention is that only first names will be used and photos will not be named. Please see me if you are uncomfortable with this.

Please browse through the Wiki site. Note that you will be able to get extra copies of spelling lists and the class timetable. I’ll also put up some of the songs we sing as I know from previous years the students love singing them at home. If you need a school newsletter these are always available on the school website at
http://www.blackhillps.vic.edu.au/newsletter.php. While you are there check out student photos under the Kids Info menu. We will be starting using the wiki with a holiday recount. You will need to have the Flash program loaded to be able to see these, which most computers will have and is available for free from their site, just click here.

Keep in touch,

Calvin Tromp.